Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Church Spotlight: Minnesota Korean Dordom Christian Church

Here's the first of what I hope will be many New Church Spotlights.  Our first one focuses on Minnesota Korean Dordom Christian Church in St. Louis Park, MN just outside of Minneapolis.  Church planter Heongook Choi shares a little about what Korean Dordom is all about. Thanks to Pastor Choi and is his son Jonathan for writing this paragraph and please keep Korean Dordom and the Chois in your prayers.

Have you ever known what a Korean Church would be like? Well, come and see what my church is like for you.

The church name is "The DorDom". The meaning of "Dor" is stone, and "Dom" is fence. This is explained in John 10:7. The mission for our church is to gather believers in the fence. We have an opening prayer, praise and worship, study time, and we end with a closing prayer.

개역개정 (요 10:7)
그러므로 예수께서 다시 이르시되 내가 진실로 진실로 너희에게 말하노니 나는 양의 문이라

NIV (John 10:7)
7. Therefore Jesus said again, "I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep.

A strong body makes a strong mind.
A strong mind creates a strong family.
And a strong family makes a strong and healthy church.

Pastor Choi.
MN Korean DorDom Church.
1615 Texas Ave S
St, Louis Park, MN 55426
e-mail :

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